LF Lvl 88 (op8) flying sandhawk

Do not have much to trade as I’ve just hit 80 and gained my previous op levels back. Just looking for help with a sandhawk so I can get back to farming gear again. Any help is appreciated.

I got an lvl 88 Flying Corrosive Sandhawk. My Siren used it and a Bee Shield (lvl 89) to get Op10. If you like I will give it to you. I will try to be on in about 9 hours. Psn: orange_teacher.

That would help out a lot. I’m at work right at this moment. I can send a friend request and we work out the details. My psn is Dmntdmstrmnd. Send me yours and I’ll add you when get home from work around 3 o’clock central time.

My psn is orange_teacher. I normally could be on around 10 a.m. Central Time, since Im living in Asia.

Ok I’ll add you today and we can figure it out from there.