LF lvl50 fire flakker

i have too much legendary items to list
just ask for what u need

I believe I have one of those! If you would like to check out my shop I linked it below but for the flakker just need your psn to send it to!

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my psn is tuffic-buffic
what do u want for it ?

Friend request sent! Haha love that question not wanting anything tho, it’s a pay it forward system! If you happen to come accross another fellow Vault Hunter in need you know what to do!

Also for the future if anything in the shop interests you just message me and its yours!

Flakker sent! Enjoy!

sweet dude thank you … i appreciate what u doing thanks again

Hey buddy I’m having some issues with leveling up and finding legendary weapons is there any way you can help me out. I’m searching all over for legendary weapons. Thanks for the help

Love this … Pay it forward is the future …

Even in real life I live the pay it forward way