LF: LVL50 Last Stand Otto idol with smg damage and mag size. pics of trade below

I need that ase maggie

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I have cutsmans sntnl, redistributors sntnl, cutsmans ase etc.

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Which redistributors do you have ?

Cryo shock corro rad

You just want the Maggie ? Or can is there anything else so we can trade for them all ?

I want only maggie. And 50 cryo stop gap. Idk if u have that one

No worries mate I’ll take that shock redistributor then for the Maggie

Ok ur psn?

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Ure already in my fl. Redistributor sent

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Sent you the Maggie buddy thank you

What do u want for the Maggie ase 100 and brainstormer ase 100??

Got mostly Zane stuff. And some random stuff. Just let me know what u need and i see if i have it.

Hello mate !
I woould love that SNTL cryo Maggie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have this to trade for, maybe…

Anointment is On Kill +5% dmg and reload speed stackable for 25 sec

Yes mate no probs what’s your psn ?

My psn Adrion54
I think you already are in my friend list ^^

I’ll send you the Tankman’s Shield then ??

I’ll just send it you buddy I’ll be on in 1 hour

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If you need something in return, I got this to trade btw :heart_eyes:
Rad Rowans Call ASE 50% Fire dmg
Fire Rowans Call ASE 125% badass dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 50% Cryo dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 15% Lifesteal
Shock Redistributor Siren ASE 75% Rad dmg (quest reward)
Corro Bitch ASE 100% dmg
Polyamorous ASE 50% Corro dmg
Vicious Ogre ASE 50% Shock dmg
Cash Infused Brainstormer 1% dmg stackable on successives hits

thks anyway ^^

Your fire rowens call if that’s ok please and I’m sending yours now buddy

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