LF lvl50 Phaseslam anointed Brawler Ward AND/OR Phaseslam anointed Face puncher

Hello guys, I’m looking for an Anointed Brawler Ward (+200% melee damage) and/or Face Puncher (+300% gun damage). I can trade a Zane Anointed Night Hawkin, and I also have another anointed lagendary for him. I can also give Lucian’s Call and many different legendaries. Just ask me for one and I’ll check if I got it!
Thank you very much :smiley:

Do you have a elemental deathless artifact?

Yes, I have a radiation Deathless relic

Awesome I got a face puncher for you, my name is my psn

Okay, perfect, I need to add you and then send the relic by mail, right?

Yes that is correct

As soon as I’m home I’ll send it! Bye

When will you be home?

I just sent you a friend request

Ok got it

I sent you the gun