Lf: Lvl53 King's/Queen's Call Gamma Burst

Got plenty of lvl53 top gear for Fl4k/Zane/Amara (weapons though, didn’t bother with class mods/artifacts) feel free to ask what you want I may have it

Shame you’re not on xbox, I have a nice cryo GB Queen’s call

I have one I can send you. Add Mok-Gorah. Its Cryo -25% damage no sight tho.

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Still taking it nw. Are you looking for something in particular ?

Unless you got a SNTL Maggie or redistributor I’ll send it when I’m home in 10.

Oh, got that. Mailing you this rn

Whats up guys im damn cursed wirh queen or king im tryib since September and i didnt even saw them yet lol if any body hot extra for flak with rakk ant or elements