Lf lvl53 Lob stnl/ gamma/ ase

Looking for some stuff.

Got lvl53 stuff to trade, mostly Zane stnl and fl4k gamma

Ps4 el-jorg

Lob stnl/ gamma/ ase
Melt facer stnl / gamma

Embers Blaze lvl 53
Embers purge stnl/ ase100%

Hunter seeker 6s grenade throw
Diluvian firestorm
Scoville ase/ gamma
Pestilence with gamma burst anointed
Star helix cryo with 100%/ stnl
Dictator, radiation/ cryo/ fire 100%
Brainstormer ase 100%
Butcher ase 100%/ stnl/ gamma burst
Ion laser splash
Kybs worth splash


Scourge splash damage
Lump x2 splash damage

Digby’s smooth tube stnl anoited or ase

God roll class mods, preferably with smg/ shotgun damage
Seein dead
Bounty hunter
Red fang

I have a snow drift victory rush, a dictator with 100% wepon damage and 2 version 0.m one with 13% rad resistance and 50% incendiary on ase and one with 13% corrosive resistance and 50% shock on ase and are you looking 160% or 125% on that ion cannon.

I have almost your entire list what do you have for moze

The victory rush and dictator would be great.
The version 0.m can I get the 13% rad?
And the Ion cannon, please with the highest base dps?

I don’t have much, I don’t play gunner. I only have a cash-infused brainstormer with the 8% magazine generate.

Do you have any flak mods or rerouter sheilds

Yes I have flak mods, no godd rolls though. Re-router I’m not sure. I need to check tonight.

Ah if you have any with hyperion damage hyperion crit sniper rifle damage or weapon damage would be awesome in dead eye bounty hunter red fang they don’t have to be god rolls just any of those would be awesome

I also will check tonight when I’m home. If I have I will send you them.

Alright just let me know

Ion cannon Annexed or not which would you prefer i also have two nukems one with 50% shock and the other woth 50% cryo

The cryo nukem would be fantastic. Also the annexed Ion Cannon :smiley:

Ill send you them when i get on tomorrow

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Thanks, you’re helping me out with 5 items :smiley:

i have rico with shock ase, re-charge berner with fire ase, dont have booster but have wall stop gap with corrosive ase. have a red fang with shotgun dmg.

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Great, do you need something, maybe I have it? Or can you send/ give those to me?

Whats your psn you can have them, did you want all of those? I am looking for a good bekah mostly, also rowans calls in different elements and an annexed ion cannon with 100 ase but if not thats fine

I have rowans un-annoited. I can send you that. My psn el-jorg

I had an annoited one. Not very good annoitment, but I send it to you. Hope you like it

Thanks for the stuff

I have a dead eye with hyp crit damage