Lf lvl53 Lob stnl/ gamma/ ase

Add me psn FallenDark200

Just saw your message, I sent a request, I’m not playin now. I can send you the dead eye tomorrow morning. Can you send me a dead eye back. Because it is the only I have. And the other stuff :hugs:

I’ve updated my list a bit, if you have a few of those, I will be very happy :smiley:

Can some one help me out with a rack pack class mod?

Updated my list. Looking for artifacts

Traded the artifacts. Looking for Digby’s smooth tube stnl anoited or ase

Still looking for a good annoited digby’s. Can trade redistributor or kybs worth or something else?

Still looking for a digby’s

A pestilence pistol would also be great with a gamma burst or ase annoitment

updated my list. Got lvl53 stuff to trade

looking for phasecast Amara, gamma Fl4k and splash Moze gear.

I got these

I have the Faisor already but I’ll take the Dictator, which one of these do you want?

I like the star helix and the Linoge. I will trade for the helix

When your ready, my psn is Ice-T411

Send you a request. I will be on later tonight.

No problem, I have it waiting for you

LF melt facer with stnl/ barrier. Got lots to trade mainly zane and gamma fl4k

Still looking for a melt facer stnl
Also looking for lvl53
Embers Blaze
Embers purge stnl/ ase100%

Just like a lot of people. I’m looking to extend my collection with some good lob’s with an STNL/ gamma burst or action skill end annoitment.