LF lvl53 maggie and brainstormer w/ SNTNL bonus cryo!

MY PSN is AuZK33.
Feel free to add me, or make your posts here, connected with what do you want for it! <3

I got bolth, what do you have

Any specific items you are looking for?

Yah I’m looking for bekah with sntl cryo and redistributors with ase 100% dmg. Or otto idol with assault rifle dmg

Haven’t got those weapons. I’ll my otto idols in an hour. RN i can say, that i’ve got subsized brainstormer, w/ killing an enemy grants + 5% dmg and reload for 25 sec. Effect is stacking. LVL 53

Well I’ll send you bolth of those weapons anyways, and if you come across anything I listed then just send them my way :grin:

What’s your psn

I can send you Ogre with SNTNL cryo dmg, if you’re interested.
And i will defenately send you those items, if i will come across them!

Sure I’ll take the ogre