LF lvl57 SNTL Cryo Maggie(FOUND), and other SNTL Cryo gear

Have been farming cistern of slaughter for more than a week now with no luck, so if anyone has a SNTNL cryo annointed maggie, just let me know what you need and we can work out a trade.

My bank is full of other SNTNL 100% cryo weapons as well as SNTNL 15% movespeed shields.

Other SNTL Cryo weapons I am looking for:

Redistributor (rad)
Cutsman (corrosive)
King’s Call (any)
Soulrender (any)
Moonfire (fire/rad)
Dictator (non-ele/corrosive)
Hyperfocus (rad)

Thanks for reading

I have a bunch. Add me.

Epic ID : korben44

Redist shock sntl here. Do you have a transformer 15%?


yes! add me:
epic/shift: Mega_Baboon

Sent you a bunch of stuff… Hope some of it is useful! HF!

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I see them, thanks!
Let me know if there is anything in particular you need

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