LF lvl65 50/150 kaoson/ harolds / sand hawks

Lvl 60 plz. Let me know what you’re looking for specifically. And I’ll send it to you if I have it.

Also looking for ase100/200splash or ch1 anoints. Drops are thin these days.

Thanks for reading


I have a flipper with the uRad anoint,sent a friend request just add me and i’ll mail it

just added. lemme know what i can do for you…


I have a 50/150 cryo sandhawk and consective hits in all elements. Also have a 200 splash and 50/150 harold and scoville. Lf all elemental boom sickles (except cryo)

Got a kinetic x4 50/150 harold if interested

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a single boom sickle to drop for me ever since day one of this games existence.

Lemme know if I can help you w anything else

I’m very interested. Lemme know what you need …


FR Sent, I’m GuyIncognito84

I’ll send it your way regardless, but I am dying for a rad old god with the ASS anoint if you happen to have one

Whats the best gear you have? Got any good 50/ 150 weapons or any good fl4k class mods?