Lf lyuda (fire) recurring hex (shock and ice) and elemental projector deathless. large collection take a look

Also looking for rad/fire stone commander planetoid and a 9-volt
what i have is as follows. There is a lot, sorted by type.



Grenade Mods

Class Mods


Submachine Guns


Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles



Uniques continued

I have recurring hex both of them and an elemental projector deathless @noponopo15

sweet anything in particular you are looking for or? feel free to add me

I want the rough rider Siren anointed one and the supergiant nova berner also siren anointed @noponopo15

sounds good. i can do that. handle is just noponopo15

Can you hold them for me until I get off work later today? @noponopo15

yeah sure thing just hit me up whenever mate

And I also want the sublime westergun anointed also @noponopo15

kk thats fine

Thanks bro and I will add you later too…my epic is M8rc0p0l0 @noponopo15

if anyone else wants to trade lemme know!


If still willing to trade. LF: Rain Firestorm
I’m on right now if interested.
IGN: ChadTDubbs

sent you a friend request

what do you want for those 3 weapons? @noponopo15

Hey, I’ve sent you a PM. Interested in the Brawler 5% hp regen after action skill. Got recurring electric Hex, MIRVtacular Cryo, fire Lyuda with 15% lifesteal