LF Lyuda (level 50)

For some reason, I can’t find a level 50 Lyuda. I have a level 48 and it’s annoying me =p.

Can anyone send me an extra if you have it? I also have a couple things to trade if you’re looking. Let me know.

gamertag: HumanGeeGnome

Thanks in advance

I got a fire anexed one, I am looking for stop gap shield, OTTO idol with CD reduction, Gamma burst gear, red fang mod, Anointed with on action skill en deal % damage. do you have any of this?

Ugh. I just got rid of a red fang mod and i gave my brother the stop gap. I dont’ think I have any other of your items atm. =(

I have about 15 Lyudas, annexed and non with higher single bullet damage, I can hook you up tonight, what kind, normal damage or elemental?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

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Thanks man! I appreciate it! I was looking for a non-elemental one!

GT - HumanGeeGnome

Got a few, the one bullet high damage one at 1658 damage i think it is, or the 1142 x 2 annexed one

Not sure those numbers are right, but very close. I have played with both, trying to see which is actually better. Hard to tell, i can’t wait will they add the shooting dummy they talked about today

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awesome! i’ll take either one =P. i know you’re looking for cryo gear but i don’t have much. i have a rear ender otto idol with 27% cryo efficiency if you want that

I got some gamma burst gear and need to clear my bank, anything particular you’re after? What’s your GT I’ll send tonight.

GT Spytock, anything i only have a blue atm. I like pistols and AR.

Also, tell me what you are after and if i get one ill send it your way.

I want more room in my bank lol, I’ll just send what I have across, I’m crit build so gamma burst doesn’t help me :slight_smile:

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Allright, what i dont use I will offer it to other people here, thanks a bunch sir

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Awesome, always good to pay it forward. Being in Australia I’ll be on in like 10 hours so check message then.

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No problem, thanks again i really appreciate it

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hi Choskison! when you’re free, can you send me over one of those Lyuda? =D thx again mate.