Lf Lyuda (x1 or x2) with next 2 mags or 100% ASE


If you’re looking for anything in return let me know. I may have it.
Lyuda can be any element but I’m mainly searching for Kinetic/Fire/Corro/Shock with next 2 mags or 100% ASE.

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Bump, halp a poor soul pls

Got a kinetic x2 with ase 100.
Got any light show with sntnl? Or Harolds with sntnl?

I should have a shock x2 lyuda with radiation ASE - if you’ve got any well rolled class mods for any of the characters I’ll take a copy - still after a good stackbot, bounty hunter, phasezerker, seein dead, and maybe a mind sweeper with general damage passives.

PSN is lukman4068 - you should already be on my friends list so I’ll mail over a copy tonight anyway