LF: Lyudas and Flak Crit Class Mods

LF: Lyudas level 50+ and any flak class mods with good stats for the crit build

I have a lot of gear ask and I’ll lyk if I have it, off the top of my head: Unlimited baby makers, crossroads, cutsmans, rowans calls, face puncher shotgun, tunguska, anointed brawler Ward, anointed back ham, deathless artifacts, +30% grenade damage safeguard relic, deep nebula weapon skin… this is on one character I have more gear on my others just ask and I’ll check if I have what you need.

GT: Newjinnn

I have some Lyudas, trying to get deathless artifact. My lyudas aren’t anointed though. Interested?

Yes add my GT or send photos

I’ll post some photos in a sec.

These are my two best, outside my molten that I use. I’m willing to trade both for the deathless. Sorry that took so long, photo upload speeds are terrible. Gt: Jesse Furygod


Are you willing to part with the molten by any chance?

I’d trade just the molten for the deathless. It’s weapon score is 556 just like the storming lyuda I posted.

Deal, I’ll add you


Thanks man! Enjoy. I’ll have to work up a replacement on that beuty.

It was a pleasure my G

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