LF m10 100 rakk rad zheitsev's eruption, 432 consec unforgiven

I’m also looking for 50 ase mitosis hunter seekers, bounty hunters , rakk pak or cosmic stalker with weapon crit, Jacobs crit, splash, action skill damage, action skill cooldown, damage reduction, health regen. Spark plug ottos or safegaurds with hp regen, damage reduction, aoe, shock dmg, action skill cooldown. As long as it has 2 of those rolls i’d be interested. What I have, everything I list is lvl 60 m10 if it can be, consec 25 stagecoach, opq with 100% rad, cyro and fire, 25 cmt, x2 recursion 100 rad, transformer 50 cyro, rad, corro, good relics/coms too many to list. 125 moze reflux, and lots more. Just ask.

I have a trade thread with possibly a few of the things your looking for,title is new mayhem 10 trades now with class mods.
Lemme know what if anything you want and we’ll sort something out :grin: