LF: M10 Anarchy, M10 Monarch x8 w/200%, Redundant HEX w/Cryo

Basically, I’m trying to progress, but after farming for days, haven’t been able to get any of the items I need to survive and kill efficiently on M6 or above. I’m playing Fl4k using R4kk, but can’t get either mod I need for the build. I also can’t get the weapons I need with suitable anointments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a number of items to trade but they are all from M3-M5.

I have the OPQ 9200x2 same with yellowcake x2. Don’t have the mod though.

That would be great, currently my OPQ is 3791x2 and my main weapon.

@DieHard What is your PSN?

PSN ID = Caerid

Okay I’ll friend request you and send the items. Apparently your settings won’t let me send the friend request.

Btw COM’s don’t scale mayhem levels. Any 57 class mod is going to achieve the same effect.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to grind solo, but after a week of not getting very far, it has started to get depressing. Lol.

Didn’t know that about the COMs, although I do know that you have to be at M4+ to get the R4kk P4k mod just to drop. Been grinding hard for it for a few days on M4/M5 and I can see it is a very rare drop indeed.

Items sent. Enjoy your items.

Thanks again. That should make a huge difference in being able to progress.

If you need anything else let me know.

You can get that mod at M4 in the current system.
The shield you can get playing any Mayhem, even M0, as shields do not scale for Mayhem.
Currently, coms, artifacts, shields, grenades do not scale so you can farm for those at any level. This may change in the near future, but as of today it does not matter. It is highly unlikely anything you pick up now would automatically get scaled up and would have to re-farm anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to farm for the Kaoson and the Monarch on M9 and after killing Traunt over 100 times I finally got a single Kaoson to drop, while after farming Killavolt over 50 times now I’m still to see a Monarch. (I’ve been farming them on M9 simply because I have Lootsplosion and higher drop chance.) I’ve been hoping a Stop-Gap shield with Action Skill Start, or a good artifact like Last Stand Otto Idol/Last Stand Victory Rush/Last Stand Commander Planetoid would eventually drop for me, but my luck in games with RNG is some of the worst you’ve ever seen.

What are you looking for in a kaoson i may be able to help

Probably a 200% or a 100% Rakk Attack. These drop rates are pretty bad obviously.

Have a M10 fire X1 200%. Play zane so dont have any rakk attack stuff. If you want it sent me a FR. PSN halinglis