LF M10 Anoint Molten Boogeyman / Knowledge Pearl

I missed out on the pearl and have been farming the Boogeyman for hours

Any M10 Pearl of knowledge pearl works.
An M10 Molten Boogeyman with the anoint Consecutive Hits

Not much to offer for trade but here is what I have:

Superconducting Plasma Coil (Skill end, Next 2 mags 50% radiation damage)
Old God (Skill end, 50% cryo damage)
Blast Master (With Redistribution)
Storming Boogeyman (Skill end, 15% Life steal)
Annexed Boogeyman (Skill end, 100% melee damage)
Supercharged Anarchy (Iron bear fist 100% damage)
Stark Krakatoa (Skill end, 15% life steal)
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Astral projection 100% damage with phasecast)
Entranced Reactive Phazezerker
Perceval’s Holy Grail
Rough Rider (Skill end, skill cooldown rate 20%)
Molten Firefly (Skill end, 100% melee damage)
Snide Trickshot (Rakk attack 100% damage)
Storm Front (Skill end, 50% corrosive damage)
Arctic Vanquisher (Iron cub 100% damage)
Raisen’s Thorn (Iron bear minigun 100% damage)
Radiation Dark Army + (Auto bear 75% incendiary damage)
Sleeping Giant (Skill end, Next 2 mags 50% incendiary damage)
T.K’s Wave (Iron bear salamander 100% damage)
Conference Call (Digi-clone swap reloads weapon)

PSN is: ThePandasWithin

Are you looking for X1 or X2 boogeyman with CH