LF: M10 Backburner with SNTNL Cryo

Sadly, only just discovered that you can’t farm for it without being at that point in the campaign and save/quitting.

Is this even possible to get at M10? Ive heard that Agonizer’s drops do not scale with mayhem levels.

It is, but you have to be at that point in the campaign on TVHM, activate M10, save before entering the arena, then keep beating it/redoing the save until you finally get it, as it can only be gotten from killing Pain or Terror, not from Agonizer 9000 himself, which is why it is harder to get.


A reset and new playthrough doesnt take that long when you turn mayhem off equip as much running speed gear as u can EMP5 snowdrift etc and warp through the maps.
And it drops quite often, most of the time from pain (the fat one) once he dropped 2 backburner :laughing:
Only the Ml 10 ones are rare, the ones I’ve got from them where from 30k up to 47k dmg. Also got an cryo backburner with sntl cryo, about 38k. I would guess :thinking: ml7-8.

Ps: first kill agonizer then turn mayhem on then save and quit And cloudsave. You don’t have to do the agonizer fight every time.
Pps: got something to trade? :smile:

I’ve got a lot, although don’t think you want/need any of it. Sadly, I’ve probably thrown away over 100 Cosmic Stalker and Loaded Dice…

Looking at your list, the closest things I have are:

  • Kaoson x1 (kinetic) SNTNL 100 Full-Auto (got other ele Kaosons but no other SNTNL/IB ones)
  • Snowdrift Loaded Dice (AOE Dmg/Rad Dmg/Max Shield)

I’m sure I will find something

Got a corrosive Kaoson with ch1 or ase100or 300/90 ?

That snowdrift sounds also nice

The Kaosons I have are:

  • x1 Cryo ASE 125% to Badass
  • x1 Rad 100% Rakk Attack!
  • x2 (Kinetic) Airborne 25%
  • x1 Cryo SNTNL FR9%/RS23%
  • x1 (Kinetic) SNTNL 100%
  • x1 Fire ASA 200%
  • x1 Shock 300%/90%
  • x1 Corrosive Fade Away Accuracy/Handling
  • x1 Cryo Attack Command 30% Lifesteal

I also should have put that most are full auto, but not all of them. The Shock 300/90 one, for example, isn’t. Most of the time I get a decent or good drop, there is something off about it. :-0

I can easily send you the Snowdrift Loaded Dice if you want it.

Would you send me the snowdrift loaded dice and the shock 300/90 Kaoson? Can send you more too :smile:

Yep, I can send you them. The Shock Kaoson is burst-semi though, just so you know. I would love the Reflux x14 SNTNL too as I’ve been looking for a Reflux with that annoint for a while. Actually there are quite a few things on your list that I would probably love, but the Backburner and a good Reflux with SNTNL would probably do me the most good right now.

They have been sent. (Already have you on my Friends List.) :smiley:

Uhh I feel your pain. Happens a lot with this beloved RNG :laughing:
Btw RNG is a *bitch !
Got new items on my list, got monarchs ? I’ll send you the backburner and the reflux

Haven’t gotten many Monarchs yet because I gave up farming after 200 kills or so and only getting 4, (and this was back when each kill took quite a while for me.) They are probably only M6-M9 (at least in item score), but the ones I have are:

  • 653 x4 Rad 500% Element Explosions
  • 633 x4 Attack Command 30% Lifesteal
  • 633 x8 Digi-Clone 130%
  • 623 x4 ASE Accuracy/Handling

I’ve been concentrating on trying to farm Kaosons mostly, since I can finally 1-shot kill Traunt and it is super fast. Still only got 2 in 200 kills though, so the drop rates with bad RNG is just brutal.

Ufff thats really low dmg :woozy_face:
I can’t farm the same mob 200 times in a row, I’m actually running good with maximum 3 times when he won’t drop I’ll move along and farm something else. It’s not so boring and not so frustrating someone will always drop but you don’t know who :sweat_smile:
I’m fine with that stuff you send me
Maybe you find a good flak com and think of me :smile:
Thx and have fun with your stuff


If I find a Cosmic or Bounty that has what you are looking for, I’ll definitely send it to you. I guess I should make a spreadsheet or something of what I do have, because I have quite a few COMs, (about 100 Friend-Bots,) and a number of Bounty Hunters, DE4DEYEs, just I keep having to delete stuff because I’m too much of a packrat and keep running out of room, even using a bunch of Mules. Lol.

Hahaha yeah well known problem, I 've got 12 mule chars and could use another 12 :sweat_smile:
Friend bot would have to be ‘godroll’ got plenty of good ones, mostly looking for stalker and bounty hunter . For trading it’s really helpful to creat a list or spreadsheet. :wink:

I’m not really sure what a ‘God Roll’ would entail for a COM or Artifact, so for the longest time I was just keeping them all, then got a couple that worked ‘well enough’ with my current builds so generally just leave them now, except for Seeing Deads since that is by far my best character currently.

Those Splash Dmg/Splash Radius COMs you have are probably overall a lot better than the one I’m using with +28% Weapon Dmg/+22% Shock Resistance/+35% SMG Dmg, but the Redistributor was doing no dmg, so when I switched to that it actually started doing some dmg, (and it also made the Kaoson a lot more powerful for me.) What I’m really after is one with Splash Dmg/SMG Dmg and Splash Radius/Shotgun Dmg/Heavy Dmg…some decent 3rd stat. Everything I get that has 1 stat I want, it has 1 I don’t want at all and 1 that I either don’t want or is only semi-useful. Lol.

I thought the best one I had was +35% Assault Rifle Dmg/+51% Atlas Crit Dmg, since I thought it would make the OPQ even way more powerful than it already is, but testing it, although it does increase the dmg, the +35% SMG/+28% Weapon Dmg seemed to scale better and be the better option if I wanted to use SMGs at all. I didn’t really test it on other assault weapons though…

The other item I’ve been hoping to eventually find is an Ice Breaker Victory Rush with AOE and 2 of Mag Size/AS CDR/Cryo Dmg/Movement Speed. I’m not very good with the Snowdrift sadly. I rarely slide and when I do, I end up flying way past any enemies. Lol.

Atm I believe everyone searches such an ice breaker but why you have to be good at sliding ? I’m playing zane only with snowdrift nothing else. But it’s more for survival, positioning or to get close to the enemy. I usually never shoot while sliding, except some launchers where you don’t have to aim. You can also use it offensively when you slide and then stop, you 've got a very tiny window about 1-2seconds when you got the wpn dmg bonus through violent momentum. And when it comes to perks on com’s try to get wpn type dmg (+35%smg dmg) manufacturers crit bonus (51% Dahl crit) and for Kaoson splash dmg.radius is not that important for Kaoson as it’s for yellowcake and backburner. For those 2, main dmg source is radius but don’t ask me why :sweat_smile:
And throw that OPQ away it keeps killing you the most :rofl:
I don’t like it, monarch is waaaaaay better :upside_down_face: