LF: M10 Backburner with SNTNL Cryo

OPQ has pretty much been my lifeline for most of the game. It eats through enemies faster than any other weapon that I’ve tried, (plus it being super accurate,) although I’m trying to play more with the Redist, Kaoson, Recursion, Reflux, because I won’t be surprised if the OPQ gets nerfed a bit with the balancing. It’s the Yellowcake that kills me the most, usually because an enemy pops up too close to me and the splash dmg 1-shots me. Lol.

And yeah, I would love a +35% SMG/+51% Dahl Crit/+32% Splash Dmg Seeing Dead, but unfortunately so far I’ve only found any with only 1 of those stats. I don’t think I’ve even found a Seeing Dead with Splash Dmg at all yet.

I’ll have to try out the Monarch with Zane. I only ever used it with Fl4k and because I never had a useful annoint on it, it was pretty terrible.

Dude I just sent you some seein dead that will help you out

I dont like the monarch on flak, you can’t jump in bipod mode, flak is super funny with launchers, ok but you need a damn good equip. I would rather play with reflux on flak ( that weapon is made for him :grin: ) just to proc headcount. I hope so that these op weapons get nerfed, unfortunately most of the new weapons feel a little bit to strong so they all deserve a nerf. Better nerfing 10 weapons then buffing 100 weapons. So the chance of GBX ■■■■■■■ some weapons up is smaller :rofl:

I like using the Reflux on Fl4k too. I don’t use it as often on Zane at the moment, only for a small amount of situations, but seeing as I didn’t have one with an annoint that helped me at all, I’m hoping that will make a big difference. Well…it will, since it will double the dmg. Lol.

I have managed to get level 60 M10 Backburners in every element but have yet to see a SNTNL Cryo anointment on any of them.

Im guessing since I pretty much play Zane exclusively, his only good anointment is the one I’ll rarely see unless its on a green or blue item.