LF M10 BOOM Sickle

Looking for an M10 BOOM Sickle (either incendiary or kinetic/non-elemental). Would be great if it had the 150% radiation damage or 300%/90%hp anointment, too.

I have a lot of M10 guns with good anointments for trade so just let me know what you’re looking for. Maybe I got it stored on Sanctuary. :+1:

I have a Radiation Boom Sickle with 150<50 rad

I also have a kenetic 100 ASE Boom Sickle

Sounds interesting even though I really want an incendiary one. Is there anything I could give you in exchange?

EDIT: What’s the damage output of the kinetic one?

I believe I have one in incendiary, I know I have one in kinetic w/ASE 100% I believe, won’t be home till 16:30, will get back to you.

Edit---- kinetic is 7k+ x10

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That’s what I have, the Molten Sickle isn’t a Boomer, sorry, false alarm.

The last one (200% damage anointment) looks pretty good. Is there anything you’re looking for? Maybe I have it (or something similar) in my vault. Collected a lot lately including some event guns like OPQ’s with the 150% rad anointment or 300% yellowcakes.

I’m all set but thank you gamertag same as username?

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My gamertag is: Powerbencher

Woow that’s really generous thank you! If you’re ever looking for something just let me know. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, I have a ton of stuff and I’m always looking to see what I can give out. Should get it to you in 5-10 minutes.

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In your mailbox, enjoy!

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Just picked it up thanks again! The Boom Sickle was my favourite assault rifle in the game before Mayhem 2.0 dropped so I was looking for it since now but couldn’t get one to drop despite days of farming Warden. Feels good to have my favourite gun back!

If you’re ever looking for something let me know. I’m collecting so much stuff that I never use (Stagecoaches for instance) as I main Moze. :slight_smile:

I have sooooo much stuff for her, looking for 25% Spring Epicenter? 125% incendiary Reflux? You name it I probly have it. Iron Bear exit Splash Kybs?

Edit---- (I have a crush on her)

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That’s really kind of you but I don’t wanna be (too) greedy haha as for Moze I too think she’s really a loveable character with a great combination of aesthetics and personality. Definitely my favourite vault hunter of all time!

Even though Borderlands characters often lack in lore I really like what we know about her and her relationship to Iron Bear. Kind of reminds me of Bioshock for some reason. :grin:

Her echo log in Sanctuary is the best in the game.

And yes I can see something akin to the big diving suit monsters and the little syringe girls.

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What is up with these boom sickles? All the rage now…what did I miss?

Ha!..it was never bad some folks were just unprepared gear-wise when M10 dropped and jumped the gun. Still rekks with proper gear.

People are talking about it a lot.

So close…

I sent that Rad 150<50 Boom Sickle

Hey buddy I’ve got a spring epicenter 25 on grenade throw, I’ll send it your way :slight_smile: what’s your gt?