Lf m10 clairvoyance

needs full auto, would like masher, 50/150. It’s the gun that drops from kritchy, its real bitchy it seems with its drop.

Have plenty of good fl4k stuff, alot of artifacts, shields, some good 200asa 300/90 50/150 stuff, pretty weak in regards to any of the other class specific announcements.

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Pretty sure I got a masher version the other day. When I’m on later I’ll check the bank. Dont know the anoint though :+1:t2:

Sorry mate not what your looking for.

Hey what do you need for that masher?

lol np, killed kritchy alot and it’s hard to get anything decent to drop from him


You really want a masher variant ? Cause I definitely got one but not sure it’s a masher. Will check though

well I want full auto m10 dmg 50/150 masher is preferable but not necessary

Welp, got a masher (5100x4), urad. 1.7 zoom and perfect parts but not full auto xD if you still want it add me i’ll send it EzioILMentore

I dont suppose these even come in Burst do they?

Nope, either auto or semi

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