LF M10 Cryo Kaoson w/ 50/150 rad anoint full auto

Looking for a M10 Level 60 Kaoson with Cryo element and the under 50% health gain 150% bonus radiation anointment. Full auto please.

I have lots of 50/150 weapons, lots of other good stuff I can send you.

PSN = WoundedRanger

I have your kaoson, what 50/150 weapons do you have to trade?

I have a number of 50/150 guns: various element Lightshows, cryo/rad flipper. Cryo/shock beacon, Rad or Corrosive plague bearer, a number of monarchs. Lot’s more. What are you interested in?

EMP5, sandhawk, reflux, the garcia, skullsmasher, backburner, tsunami. Any of those?

I have both redundant and cash infused reflux, both have 50/150. I have a breakneck skull masher with healing pool anoint.

I am looking for the X14 reflux 50/150, but would take the X7 if you don’t have the X14. Send me a FR and I’ll send you the kaoson. psn halinglis

I’m pretty sure I have a x14 as well. I’ll send you a request.

Sent you the kaoson