LF M10 Cryo Lob with 50/150 annointment

Anybody want to swap an M10 Cryo Lob with the 300/90 annointment for one with the 50/150 annointment?
I can sweeten the deal with other M10 weapons such as annointed Karakatoas etc.
PSN username is wonga-bunny. Cheers.

I have a cryo 50/150 and a fire 300/90 if you want.

What could I give you in return besides the above options? By the way I can’t get on to send until Thursday.

I’m looking for an artifact, a cutpurse launchpad if you have it.

I’ll have to check. I have a few artifacts. Sorry for the hassle and delay I’ll let you know Thursday. What secondary rolls are you looking for?

Don’t worry i can wait 3 days :joy:. The rolls are not important, as soon it’s a cutpurse launchpad it will be perfect. I’ll send you an invite.

Lob sent :wink: