LF M10 Cryo Lucians Call w/ Cryo SNTNL Annointment

I have a ton of M10 gear to trade, so if anyone has one i’ll go through and list it.

Also looking for an Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkins and Shocking Star Helix with the same annointment. Thanks!

Here’s all the M10 Gear I have, if anyone wants it (All Annointed, so if one catches your eye, let me know and i’ll tell what kind!):


MOARR Linage (Corrosive)
Venomous Hornet
Extended Nemesis (Fire)
Dastardly Maggie x2
Dangerous Superball
Terminal Hellshock
Trick Unforgiven
Unescapable Thunderball Fists
Unending Magnificent


Handsome Jackhammer
Mocking Devoted (Corrosive)
Cash-Infused Bitch (Shock)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)
Super Firesale Ten Gallon (Fire)
Turbo Supercharged Ten Gallon (Shock)
Adapting Sleeping Giant (Fire)
Adapting Sleeping Giant (Corrosive)


Breath of the Dying
Hawt Dayumned Sawbar
Engulfing Vicious Ogre
Negating Sickle (Cryo)
Stimulating Try-Bolt (Shock)
Engulfing Resolute Ogre
Otchky Damned
Hawt Embrace The Pain
Loaded Gattling Gun
Rowan’s Call (Fire)
The Dictator


Abundant Hazardous Trevonator (Fire)
Cash-Infused The Butcher (Shock)
Deep Dive Face-Puncher
Defrauding The Butcher (Corrosive)
Undermining The Butcher (Rad)
Abundant Projectile Recursion (Corrosive)
Projectile Recursion (Corrosive)
Cash-Infused Conference Call (Shock)
Iron-Willed TK’s Wave
The Lob (Rad) x2
Burning Flakker
The Lob (Cryo)
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker
Casual Flakker
Double Penetrating The Boring Gun
The Lob (Corrosive)


Shredded Scourge
Nuclear Jehrico


Abundant ASMD
Iron-Willed Monocle
Quickdraw Monocle
Expert ASMD
Arctic Vigilant Malak’s Bane (Cryo)
Stark Krakatoa
High Capacity Zeroed Malak’s Bane (Fire)

I have 2 night Hawkins but one 300/90 and one 50/150.

The 50/150 one would probably be handy for me (I plan to try the Half-Life build) username is Nikolizzle on PSN and just let me know if there’s anything you want from the list!

Ok i’ll send it to you👍🏽
If you have a cutpurse launchpad artifact it would be perfect :crossed_fingers:t5:

I don’t think I do, but i’ll check my bank!

Yeah I don’t unfortunately. I have a cutpurse Otto Idol but that’s all the cutpurse stuff I have. I’m farming as we speak though, so if I get one, i’ll send it

Don’t mind. Just send you the 50/150 night Hawkins :wink:

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