LF M10 Cutpurse, icebreaker, Monarch

Dear All,

I am looking for

M10 Monarch cryo/rqd 150/50
Cutpurse : rad ,cryo ,magazine size/smg/weapon damage
Icebreaker : rad ,cryo, magazine size/smg/weapon damage

Below is what I have to offer

if you like anything, please let me know


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You might want to take a look at my list
Hmm don’t really need any of your stuff, but doesn’t matter, let me know if you need something .

would love to have kaoson and yellowcake rad/cryo 50/150

I am just tired of farming traunt as he keeps giving me kinetics with useless anoints


Whats your PSN?
And I feel your pain, man. Especially when it comes to airborne anoits :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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PSN : tysonraylee
do let me know if you are not able to find me, I am not sure about my privacy settings as I did those quite a long time back

I’m interested in your icebreaker Deathless w/heavy reload corro add my psn gogosungo please.

I cant send fr as well.please check your setting.

Oh damn did i forget you? Sorry about that ! Sending you FR
Hmm can’t send you FR, I’ve got the same settings to avoid annoying requests :laughing:

Friend request sent

I tried to add you but was unable to :yum:

changed my settings
you should be able to add me now

Send Fr :smile:


Which do you wanna get in return?

Hey mate … don’t wanna push my luck because you were good to me before but the Fishlap Rad with ASE 50% Rad, 50/150 rad reflux and 50/150 rad would really help me with my deathless fl4k build.
I know you have a lot of stuff but if there’s anything at all you need then let me know and I will do my best to help… What about a stop gap shield with ASE?

if you can spare a M10 full auto cryo/rad 50/150 then it would be great otherwise not really required

I will just send you the icrebreaker
no issues

Thank you.I will send 7hours from now after work off. Which full auto do you wanna get kaoson or sandhawk?


Hehe yes sure I can send it to you, but it will take a few hours till I get home. What’s about the stop gap do you need one or got one? I 've already got one, but I don’t like it. I prefer dmg :laughing:

Thanks :smile:
No I don’t need a stop gap I was offering you one because I don’t like asking for things without trying to give something back. If you still have the reflux, kaoson and fishslap and don’t need them I would be really grateful for them and it will help my deathless radiation fl4k a lot :+1:

What was your PSN? :sweat_smile:
Too many names :rofl: