LF M10 gear and Mindsweeper comm

Need a mindsweeper comm, preferably 5 points in torgue cross promotion (will take a 4) with atleast splash damage (im not picky).
If anyones got a yellowcake x2 (300/90) id trade for that as well as OPQ (300/90) M10.
A nice kaoson would be nice too :slight_smile:
Have tons of good M10 gear farmed and willing to trade.
PSN: UNV_Legend

Do you have Plaguebearer 100%/200% ase, and Fire Monarch 100%ASE/200%, No Pew Pew 100%ASE ? I got 300/90 OPQ and Yellowcake (x2) both M10

I have a bunch of good nopewpews lemme check my vault

All I have is 300/90 x3 and x4 nopewpews, as well as 150% rad under 50% hp all M10.
dont have the exact one your looking for sorry

Do you have M10 Soulrender full auto rad fire cryo 300/90, fire cryo 50/150 rad, rad cryo Rakk 100.

Havent farmed DLC2 much on M10 sorry, LMK if you need anything else I have a wide variety

Phasezaker 21 crit 28 wd 35 asc/smg/assault
Atom Balm Deathless 20 rad dam 50 mag

Dont have those sorry, been farming gigamind a ton so ill keep in touch if I get one


I have a OPQ (300/90) and a Kaoson x2 (300/90) if you are interested. Im curious as to what weapons you have from the Cartels or Mayhem 2.0 new weapons. Ideally im looking for these anointments…

SNTL 100% Cryo
under 50% health 150% rad.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero