LF M10 Kaoson ASE 100% Full Auto

List of items i have:

  • Yellowcake ASA 200
  • OPQ 300/90, ASA 200
  • Multiple Old Gods
  • Anarchy x18
  • Reflux phasecast 250 dmg
  • Sandhawk phasecast 250 dmg
  • Multiple lobs 5
  • Multiple Stop-gaps ASE 50 ele
  • Unseen Threat Consec hits 1%

Lmk if you need something so we can work out a deal.

i have kason x2 5300 cryo 50.150 i know it is not the thing you serachin for it but if you want it dm me

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, i currently have no use for a 50/150 kaoson but if you happen to have any good splash radius + splash damage phasezerker mod then we can talk.