LF M10 monarch w/ 15% life leech anoint all elements

Let me know what you’re looking to trade for specifically as I am expressing my hoarding traits thru this game. I will let you know if I have the item you’re looking for ASAP.

Also looking for M10 redistributors all elements (preferred sntl 100 anoint but I’ll take anything)

Thanks for reedin!


Need redistributor? Np :wink:
20 minutes you get rad/shock/corrosive sntl100 redistributor

That’s hawt :weary::champagne:

What would you like?

Let’s see how lucky I am today :laughing:
Kaoson x1 rad/cryo/corrosive/shock stnl100/ 50/150 /ib125+160 ? Full auto of course

I’ll check when I get on of course but signs pt to not so hot a chance. I have a lot of kaosons but mostly Amara/fl4k stuff

Ok so I got a couple consecutive hits, badass anoints, and a 300\90

Corrosive Kaoson x1 or x2 ch1/ase10/ ?
I’m looking for flak and amara kaosons

Ok I’ll read off the anoints on a few … gimme a sec

No ele
+1 rak attack
Rak attack 50crit
Ase crit 25


Consecutive hit x2

Consecutive hot

Apparently tossed the Amara anoints… sry…
I got a few ase 2mag but not sure if you’re Interested

Corrosive 300/90 And shock ch1, these sound nice
And don’t throw kaosons away :sweat_smile:
ASE 2 mag any element is also a good annoit for flak/amara

Can’t keepem all… gotta save space. You need me to send you those 2?

Just sent

Create some mule characters :laughing:
Got 12 :rofl: really annoying
Cool thx for them





Just found a Monarch (x8) with ASE 15 Lifesteal. You got any Stone White Elephants with Melee Dmg / AOE / AS Cooldown??

I have a stone white elephant but I’m not sure about the extras

I’ll take it. FR sent.