LF M10 OPQ or Help Farming One

Looking for an OPQ at Mayhem 10. Would love to have one with 300 over 90 anoint.
I’m am just getting my Moze and Amara up in Mayhem levels so I do not have much to trade.
I do have several M10 Sand Hawks but good anoints are hard to come by.

Don’t farm the Villa, farm Scraptrap which is an easier and faster overall fight and you can still get the OPQ.

Thanks for the advice. My M4 OPQ with 300 over 90 was a drop in The Doughts.

I have that opq with the 300-90% anoint if your still looking.

if you’re farming for opqs this is by far the best strat. Go to the villa and do your normal run until you get to the end to fight Joey. Every time you fight him he will have 2 under bosses with him. All three of them have very high drop rates. When he jumps down to fight with his two under bosses check and see what their names are. Josie Byte and Franco firewall drop the opq along with joey. If either of those two are with him, kill them and not Joey. After you kill those two, kill yourself. Spawn in, go back down to fight and the legendary drops will still be on the floor. Do this over and over. One or both of those 2 under bosses (Josie and franco) have to be there for the farm to work. They’re random every time you do a run through, so just keep repeating the mission until one or both of them are there.

This is why the Scraptrap fight is so good. You can spawn in each of those mini-bosses multiple times per run. I’ve had 2 Josies on the field at the same time plus it is a lot faster to farm that fight rather than getting 30 decoder rings and running the whole mansion plus boss fight.

I’m still looking for a Mayhem 10 version. Or one better than the Mayhem 4 I have which is starting to not preform so well in the higher Mayhems.

Check my thread here I have several to giveaway that are M10-ish

Lol you’ve just had much better luck than me then. I get like 20 fish slaps. Whatever his name is

Yikes okay maybe y’all are having better luck. Been doing scraptrap runs daily on M9 and not a single OPQ drop. Also tried Cathedral which I saw another thread somewhere mention have good rates for it… Ive only had 2 drops, one in M6 and M8., And neither is anointed or powerful enough for M9.

Tried the BL Science game for drop boosts, my guardian luck is like +13%…

Not sure what else I can do. Suggestions?

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You can farm joey by killing the two mini bosses who spawn next to him then killing yourself or fast travelling back to the start hope that makes sense

Josie and Franco are the two mini bosses you want for increased chances on OPQ.
Can quit game before killing Joey to have different mini-bosses. Just have to do some of the map over again.