LF M10 OPQ-system, Greasetrap and other decent items

Looking for any M10 OPQ-systems and greasetraps, ideally anointed ones, as I can’t seem to get them to drop. Also looking for any other decent M10 gear.
I have some M10 gear to trade, including yellowcake.
Thanks. =]

  • (I’m pretty sure they’re M10, but I’ll give you the details first, so you can check, as they’re the best I’ve gotten to drop at M10, but that’s about all I can promise, given the state of the game)

I have OPQ 200ASA M10, Reflux x14 M10 Corrosive ASE 100, monarch X8 stnl cryo, ands various other things. I would be looking for redistributors (shock, cor, fire), backburner, plaguebearer, or any exceptional seein dead class mods for assault rifle or heavy damage .

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Sorry, not got any of those (been farming other stuff). Thanks, anyway, OPQ would be great. Anything else I can interest you in?

I run Cryo Zane, got any good M10 weapons with stnl cryo.

Banks messed up, so can’t tell what mayhem level anything is, but here’s what I have with 100 cryo stnl:
Bangarang 3233 damage
Kaosan 4387 damage
Sleeping giant 1566x2
Lead sprinkler 2815
Brainstormer 1081x7 shock
Shocker 6344 shock
Krakatoa 32690 fire

Oh and seein dead smg and shotgun damage plus dahl accuracy

What level is the seein dead 57? and the numbers for the wpn damage

Seein dead is only level 26, the damage is +17% and the accuracy is +29%. Probably not worth it. =[

What level are you, all my stuff is 57. What character do you play. Im sure I have something to help you out.

My characters are level 57 too (one of each), just don’t have any newer seein dead, since playing the DLC at a lower level. Need to go farm a better one at some point. Thanks, though.

I tell you what, I’ll send you the OPQ and at some point in the future when you get a good seein dead or cryo stnl weapon. my psn is halinglis send me a friend request.

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Awesome, thanks. =]

Your gonna love this gun and sent another helper as well. Remember my faith in humanity rests on your shoulders, lol. Check your mail


I have one i can spare with Ar damage,feel free to add me and I’ll send it

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I have greasetrap with 200% ASA if you are interested

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