LF M10 OPQ System

Absolutely love this AR but I could only get M4 myself. Best anointment would be 50/150 but honestly I won’t complain about any.

Got plenty of M10 Kaoson, Backburner, Reflux, Sickle, Krakatoa, Transformer, Front Loader, Rerouter, honestly I’d give you one of each I just really like this gun lol

I have one. Got a Beast, Web Slinger, Chandelier, or Narp (any level)? If not, that’s fine - I’m Adabiviak on Steam, Epic, and SHiFT.

I don’t have DLC and only beat Guardian once, got a M4 Globetrottr which is yours if you want it. I’ll add you on epic

I’ve got a good Globetrottr already, thanks. I’ll send the OPQ over when I see you.

…might be a bit: Epic is still downloading the fix.

you’re a gentleman and a scholar, I’ll farm for those three and send what I can

I sent it to your SHiFT account - let me know if you don’t see it.