LF: M10 Rebounds Have: List of M10 gear to trade


Rebounds URAD, SNTNL Cryo, CH1


Gratifying Prompt Critical 23479×3 SNTNL Cryo

Gratifying Prompt Critical 23479×3 URAD

Venemous Disciplined The Blanc (corr.) 11135 SNTNL Cryo

Standardized Multi-tap 18855 SNTNL Cryo

Negating Resolute Light Show (cryo) 15810×4 SNTNL Cryo

Negating Loyal Light Show (Cryo) 12413×4 URAD

Nuclear Ruthless Light Show (rad) 12400×4 SNTNL Cryo

Pestilent Loyal Light Show (corr.) 12298×4 SNTNL Cryo

MDARR Blest Gargoyle (corr.) 8923×2 URAD

Undermining Powerhouse Redistributor (rad) 3832 SNTNL Cryo

Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth (shock/cryo) 4424×2 URAD

Sublime Flipper (shock/corr.) 6435 CH1

Stark Flipper (fire/corr.) 6757 URAD

Stark Flipper (fire/corr.) 7095 SNTNL Cryo

Auditing Powerhouse Smog (Cryo) 15962 CH1

Cash-Infused Powerhouse Smog (shock) 15023 CH1

Adapting Precise Blood-Starved Beast (rad) 3878×2 SNTNL Cryo

Extended Precise Blood-Starved Beast (rad) 3076×3 CH1

Venomous Blood-Starved Beast (corr.) 3475×3 SMTNL Cryo

MDARR Rapchury Rebound (rad) 6943×3 SNTNL Cryo

Disciplined Soulrender 12794 URAD

Molten the Monarch (fire) 3945×8 CH1

Storming the Monarch (shock) 3945×8 CH1

Nuclear the Monarch (rad) 3699×8 CH1

Nuclear the Monarch (rad) 5548×4 CH1

Negating the Monarch (Cryo) 6288×4 CH1

Redundant Brainstormer (shock) 2576×14 URAD

Redundant Reflux (corr.) 6227×14 URAD

Cash-Infused Reflux (corr.) 6146×7 CH1

Speedloadin Hellwalker (fire) 26068×10 URAD

Binary Insider (cryo/rad) 9660×5 SNTNL Cryo

Massive Insider (fire/rad) 12397×6 URAD

P.A.T. My III 14589 melee attacks have a 25% chance to apply terror to self

Unlimited Supercharged Anarchy (shock) 1956×12 CH1

Deep Dive Face-puncher 2263×7 URAD

Subsidized Savvy Fearmonger (rad) 26467×4 ASE terror to self

Subsidized Emboldened Fearmonger (cryo) 26996×4 While terrified increase damage/fire rate

Subsidized Dynamic Fearmonger (rad) 22686×4 While terrified increase damage/fire rate

The Lob (fire) 55942 SNTNL Cryo

The Lob (fire) 55802 URAD

Overcompensating Spade 5622×5 300/90

Stuffed Plaguebearer (corr.) 65854 URAD

Stuffed Plaguebearer (rad) 61738 SNTNL Cryo

Stuffed Plaguebearer (shock) 300/90

Iron-willed Bowie Unseen Threat 41709 SNTNL Cryo

Sublime Complex Root (cryo/corr.) 19575 300/90

MIRV Hex (shock) OGT

Its Piss OGT


Quasar (homing) OGT

Enhanced Plus Ultra 26001 capacity, capacity, ASE Increased Melee damage

Arc Battery Plus Ultra (shock) 16546 recharge, amp, ASE bonus shock

Deliverance Plus Ultra (corr.) 16546 ROID, Amp, while barrier is deployed, instantly start recharging

Steady-Handed Plus Ultra (rad) 20636 capacity, Adrenaline, ASS effects

Surge Plus Ultra (corr.) 15073 recharge, nova, after exiting IB, 75% increased shields/health

VIP Plus Ultra (cryo) 14445 Delay, health, after exiting IB, 75% increased shields/health

Chameleon Old God (cryo) 43712 turtle, adaptive, ASE bonus shock damage

Tortoise Old God (fire) 46727 capacity, turtle, ASE bonus corr.

Calcified Old God (rad) 29289 health, fortify charge, AE IB kills increase cooldown

Boomin Growling Bear Trooper lvl 60 (+2-grizzled, +2 explosive punctuation, +1 Stainless steel bear) 22 Weapon crit damage, 12 Atlas weapon damage, 37 SMG damage

Armor Plated Boomin Bear Trooper (+2 explosive punctuation, +3 stainless steel bear) 32 weapon damage, 13 atlas weapon damage, 58 atlas weapon crit.

Investing Flare (+2 cloud of lead, +3 stainless steel bear) 40 smg damage, 58 Jacob’s weapon crit, 31 COV weapon fire rate

Investing Reinforced Flare (+2 cloud of lead, +1 means of destruction, +2 stainless steel bear) 24 weapon crit. damage, 40 pistol damage, 20 tedious weapon fire rate

Rowdy Unsportsmanlike Seein’ Dead (+2 Donnybrook, +2 playing dirty, +1 violent violence) 24 weapon crit damage, 39 action skill damage, 63 melee damage

Dastardly Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead (+1 Donnybrook, +2 playing dirty, +2 violent violence) 40 assault rifle damage, 63 maliwan weapon accuracy, 13 maliwan weapon damage

And other mods/artifacts.

I have a urad and CH rebound, im interested in your sntnl multi-tap and sntnl rad plaguebearer.

FR sent. I’ll send those over.