LF: M10 Recurring HEX

Preferably Cryo and 50% (any element), but as I’ve been farming for over a week, killed Sky Bullies over 1000 times and haven’t seen a single one yet, anything would be good.

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I can give u an shock ASE rad or rad are cryo or mirv Tacular Hex cryo ASE cryo
What’s your PSN?
And there is no difference between M0 and M10 grenades

Thanks. The only real difference is item score and damage, which I guess doesn’t really make a huge difference for grenades ultimately, but the damage on M10 is higher than M0-M5. The item scores do change between M0-M5 and then M6-M10 I’ve noticed. Those differences probably only make a real difference for weapons however.

PSN: Caerid

Hmm I thought grenades don’t scale but I never compared any of them. Mine are all farmed on m10

I saw you play flak so i also Sent you an mitosis Hunter seeker that one is funny ;D

I do know the item score changes for sure. Damage I’m not 100% sure about. I thought I saw a minor increase in damage, but didn’t pay huge attention to it. I may do a test and try to farm a few grenades on M5 or 6 just to see if it is only the item score that changes, or the damage as well.

Thanks a lot. Yeah, Fl4k is my main. I’ve gotten Zane to 57 and completed the story but haven’t played with him much yet, and am in the process of getting the other 2 through the campaign. I really wish there was a way to just fast track all the talking. Lol.

Damage does go up but not by much.

zane is amazing. yea nades dont scale yet but i have a couple recurring if you need them. i think shock/cryo/rad

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So far I haven’t figured Zane out. I’ve tried a couple of the top builds from YouTubers and for whatever reason I’m not doing anywhere close to the same damage at M9-M10, the highest I can successfully go is maybe M5 or so, if that. Some of it probably has to do with my gear and some to the fact that I just haven’t figured out how to play him right. Same thing with Amara and Riccochet’s. I see these videos with bullets flying all over the place demolishing everything, but when I use the Recursion with the same build and have 2 50% ASEs, plus a 50% ASE Mag procced, I don’t see all those bullets at all and it definitely doesn’t wreck everything. I’m obviously doing something wrong somewhere, just not 100% sure where…

I would love a Recurring HEX Cryo/w whatever to try with the Zane build if possible.

If you want the easiest time with Zane play a drone / dome build, a Seein Dead mod from the Moxxi’s Heist DLC gives you easy double damage most of the time. For weapons I recommend, Brainstormer, Redistributor, OPQ , Plaguebearer or Yellowcake ofc.

For an easy in to a good M10 weapon hit Gigamind and farm for a Hellshock, you can kill him even with any reasonable weapons from pre M2.0 if you are L57.

I have no issues in M10 with the build I use.

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I’ve been using a Seein Dead mod and have found the OPQ overall my most consistent performing weapon across all builds, (it has virtually become my main weapon on Fl4k, with Yellowcake as my boss killer for certain bosses.) I’ve thrown away so many Hellshocks because for the longest time they didn’t seem to do much damage for me, although I have never actually tried using them with Zane. I’ve mostly been trying Drone/Clone builds, although I think I will try a Drone/Dome build and see if that makes things better for me. Most of my weapons don’t have the 100% extra Cryo on them, so that probably would make a huge difference.

Just make sure to select the drone skill augments to bad dose and static field which help keep the barrier up. I run a transformer shield but I have an idea that using a front loader will allow use of the 50 / 150 rad damage annointment to good effect.

If you want I can send you some decent M10gear to give you a good foothold, add me on PSN Same username. I could also send you screen pics showing my build.

As a footnote, I have never found the Recursion useful on Zane I think the Hellshock got a buff a while back, making it a bit of a beast.

Friend request sent. Thanks again. Any help is appreciated. Would be nice to have something ready for the new content coming out.

Oh I’ll set you up with some nice Sntnl gear :wink:

Best tip I can give you is , don’t watch YouTube videos and think you can do that too like the one who’s streaming. Either they got God roll gear or they don’t tell you everything what’s behind the video or simply the playstyle doesn’t go well with your playstyle. Don’t try to copy somebodys build, it won’t work. get some inspiration from it and then try to create your own version of the build. Creating a build that shredds ml 10 is not only get the legendaries then go, it’s also a little bit of practice :wink:

Yeah, that’s what I normally do, and did in the beginning. The only reason I started trying posted builds was because I was getting stuck on around M5 and couldn’t seem to progress higher. That actually helped me quite a bit with Fl4k, once I started to understand the build. I still have problems with it when it comes to some stuff, but overall I can farm higher content with it now in general. I’ll probably end up playing around with a bunch of different things and mixing and matching until I get something I feel comfortable with. Highest I can do right now fairly comfortably is M9 with Fl4k, although I tried doing the Takedown and gave up at the entrance gate because it took me forever to get there and I had almost run out of bullets. Lol. I did have the Cartel event on, which didn’t help things at all, but I still think it would have taken me a really long time to finish it, if I even could. Haven’t tried the Takedown at a lower Mayhem level, but I guess I should just so I know that content.

Again with the streamers, you can bet they have maxed Guardian Rank with all three trees maxed so they have all the good perks like Harmageddon etc that all add to the DPS.

A good early one to get is overkill in the left tree, you can dish out some serious pain by killing a mob with a launcher (Yellowcake with 300 / 90 is perfect and I’ll send you one) then shooting a badass or boss. I regularly see dmg ticks of 20 to 40 million. :wink:

Yes I have Guardian Rank maxed.

Flak is in my opinion the strongest vh, right know. Just don’t give up. With a yellowcake with that 300/90 anoit u can do all content on M10, but you wont get better in playing borderlands by using this onehit wonder. When it gets nerfed your at the same point and the takedown will be too difficult. I would recommend you a build from the forum here. You get way more background infos.
And never compare with streamers, that’s like comparing with something you saw on tv :laughing:

Yeah, I’m still working on getting my GR up. I have most of the essential ones I believe, 50/75/50. Overkill was the first one I aimed for, although I’m probably simply not using it properly is part of the problem. My aim with the Yellowcake isn’t great either. I’ve gotten pretty decent with it on certain bosses like the Traunts and Killavolt, but others I often miss hitting the sweet spots, so although I do use it, I use it more as a backup weapon if needed. I also quite often kill myself with it when an enemy pops up in front of me as I go to fire. Lol. I started using the Kaoson more now, which I actually didn’t like at first, but think I’ve started to get a bit better with. Tried the Sand Hawk and am horrible with it. It seems to do very little damage for me. And yeah, I’m not really hoping to do what the streamers are doing, just want something that makes M10 doable for me so I can farm it and be able to do the new content. :open_mouth:

Build synergy is a huge help at M10 and the trick with overkill is to fight your natural instinct and splat a minor mob with the yellowcake before shooting the boss. Traunt is a regular 1 shot doing this.

Jumping and aiming at Traunt’s ankles does massive damage even without overkill.