LF M10 Recursion Corr/shock with ASE anoint

If you can send one over I can dupe and send back or if you have a spare on hand. Let me know if you need anything. PSN buckshotzero

Add me on psn and send me a message to remind me.

sent. Thanks. Let me know if three is anything you are looking for (pre takedown items)

The one I have is x2 shock/corrosive 200 splash. I also have shock/fire 200 splash, and a variety of others. I’m not really sure why but the splash anointment works on the recursion even though you can’t inflict self damage with it, and there is no stated splash damage radius on the weapon card.

You can send the 2 200/splash. Just going to use it to bulldoze threw takedown for the skins

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Also if you have “next 2 Mag” anointed ones wouldn’t mind those

I might have one next two mags somewhere but it’ll take some time to find.