LF M10 redistributor rad & others

have the following to trade:

redistributor corr SNTNL/Cryo
redistributor (RAD) rad 50/150
redistributor (RAD) barrier crit hit 75%
redistributor (RAD) 300/90
cutsman (Fire) barrier crit hit 75%
cutsman (Fire) ele crit hits 500%
cutsman (shock) barrier crit hit 75%
nopewpew ASA 75% badass, named, boss
nopewpew 300%/90
nopewpew 50/150
OPQ 300/90
fish slap grenade 150%
fish slap grenade thrown 25%
cutpurse deathless (ammo refill) 20% heavy damage
yellowcake 300/90
yellowcake x2 ASA 200
Yellowckae x2 50/150
grease trap ASA 200
grease trap 300/90
cutsman (corr) 50/150

redistributor rad SNTNL/Cryo
Kaoson x1 or x2 (full auto) SNTNL/Cryo (any elements)
Kaoson x1 or x2 (full auto) 50/150 (any elements)
Kaoson x1 or x2 (full auto) ASA 200 (any elements)
OPQ 50/150
NoPewPew ASA 200%
Yellowcake x1 ASA 200%
Yellowcake x2 300/90

Can do a Rad Redistributor SNTNL Cryo. Do you have any of the following:

Rad Old God Shield ASE elemental damage

Any Ice Breaker Artifact with Cryo Damage, Cryo efficiency, Weapon Damage

Redistributors Corrosive, Incendiary with SNTNL/Cryo

Monarchs Rad, Corrosive with 50/150

OPQ ASA/200% Above 9000 damage

Corrosive Soulrender with 50/150

Kaosons x1 full auto Corrosive with 50/150, SNTNL/Cryo

i have Redistributors Corrosive with SNTNL/Cryo

If you’re willing to trade the redistributors my PSN: IVIassivedynamic

just sent PSN request

Don’t think i got your FR. What’s your PSN?


I have this, x1 in Kinetic, Rad, and I believe Corrosive in x2

I have this, x3 and an x4

Got this one

Got this one

Got this in x2 and x1

Looking for:
a Fishslap with 25% damage OGT
Koason x1, full auto, in corrosive/kinetic with 1% consec hit Damage Anoint
lv 57 Snowdrift (epic or any legendary version except for deathless) with AOE and SMG Damage, and preferably mag size

checked everything i had got 1 Fishslap with 25% damage OGT, for your yellowcake x2 50/150

Sounds good to me. What is your PSN?


FR Sent

I’m GuyIncognito84

Goods sent

want me to mail it over

Yes please


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Thank you! That was the only thing I really wanted to get out of the event. Day made!! Lemme know if you want any of the other gear

yc 200%, nopewpew 200, opq 50/150 & kaoson full auto would be nice :), shame i didnt have anything else u needed, did get a nice cutsman corrosive with 50/150 early though not tried it out yet.

Sent you a few more to play around with. Enjoy! No need for anything in return

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thank you so much your amazing