LF M10 Redistributors 50/150 or Rad with 100 Cryo

Hi all, I’ve been farming M10 Wotan for a couple weeks now without much luck.

Per title, looking for M10 Redistributor 50/150 or Rad w/100 Cryo

I only play Zane, so not up to date on what other classes use, but I’ve been saving Wotan specific loot. Happy to trade anyone is looking for something.

Also have a few O.P.Q. and Yellowcakes with various anoints.


I’ll trade this for a rad Kaoson 50/150 or 100 cryo, if you can manage to get one… lol

I actually do have 2 , but they are burst fire/semi. I’m going to assume that you want full auto?

Ya… forgot to mention that. What the heck…add me and send me the rad kaoson and I’ll send you the redistributor. I’ll give it a go.

Sounds like a plan. Invite sent.

I’ve got this if you want it. StarkRaving29 on Epic.

I’d like a M10 Brainstormer w/ SNTL Cryo 100% if you have one. Otherwise, I also accept Karma or future considerations.

Just checked, unfortunately I don’t have a M10 Brainstormer with Cryo. Anything else that you’re looking for?

@StarkRaving actually just found one today I’ll trade if you like.

Shift name - Katame

Gladly. Friend request sent.

Hmm, don’t see a shift invite. I’ll send one to you. Same handle?

@StarkRaving invite sent

Are you on Epic? Steam?

I sent a friend request to Katame01 on Epic. It shows up as a legit account.

On Epic, I’m StarkRaving29. On Steam, I think I’m StarkRaving.

On Steam. Just Katame.

I sent an invite to StarkRaving.

K. I sent you a Shift invite as well.

There we go. Sent the Brainstormer.

Thank you. I’ve sent the Redistributor. Have fun.

Thank you! You too.