LF M10 redistributors, backburners, and recursions with ASE element

Looking for M10 redistributors, recursions, and backburners with ASE element anointment. I have plenty of M10 gear to trade. Have lots of 50/150 gear. Let me know what you’re after.

Have a Recursion that’s fire/rad with ASE rad damage, if you’re interested.

That would be great! Anything you’re after?

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Hi I think I got almost everything you are looking for, some redis some recursions and some backburners, which elements you are looking g for?
I’ve got rad redistributor ase cryo
Cryo redistributor ase corrosive
I think I also got a corrosive ase shock but I’ll have to check
Recursion x2 shock/corrosive ase corrosive
Backburner corrosive ase corrosive
I think I got more I’ll check that

I’m looking for 1Ch monarchs & Plaquebearers
Also elemental monarchs with good annoits reflux x14 with 8 or 10 mag
Shock/corrosive monarch 50/150
Recursion x2 50/150
And good drivers cosmic stalkers and also very good snowdrift victory rush + deathless

Let me check and see what I have. I know I have a x14 reflux with sntnl cryo. I should also have a 50/150 monarch, but I think it’s cryo. I’ll look and see what I have.

I have a x14 reflux 10 mag with 50/150 as well.

I also have a snowdrift victory rush with + shock damage + cryo damage and action skill cool down.

Reflux with 10 mag 50/150 That would be awesome and the snowdrift also are nice
I’ve got alredy an cryo monarch x8 50/150
x4 would be nice

Ok after a very long and frustrating attempt to do the new raid on m6 which failed because of that ■■■■■■■ jump here jump there ■■■■■■■■ I looked through my inventory and found these
Redistributor fire n2m cryo
Redistributor rad n2m corrosive
Recursion Fire/shock n2m shock 7k dmg
Backburner cryo n2m shock 37k dmg

I hear you man, that part sucks bad. I quit at the same part on M6 lol. At least they’re scaling it back next week. I can definitely send you the snowdrift and reflux. I think my monarch is a x8 as well unfortunately. Those are all great, if I had to pick two I’ll go with the backburner and the fire/cryo redistributor.

Im so interested in your weapons

Have 1CH monarch x4 shock and fire

These sound great and you don’t have to pick two. I’ll take the reflux x14 both monarchs x4 and the snowdrift and will send you all of yeah whatever you need :grin:

Not sure bout mag but i have a x14 reflux 50/150

I see I’m trading with 2 different persons but no problem we will get it all done so that everybody is happy :sweat_smile:

Just need your PSN :grin: