LF M10 Sandhawks <50/150 all elements

Lemme know what you would like for them. I have a lot o guns… lemme know what you need and I’ll check to see if I have specifically that item.

Thanks fo reedin!


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I have all 5 elements of 50/150 sandhawks, looking for M10 monarchs rad shock sntl 100, soulrender rad shock cor sntl 100 or fire cryo 50/150, plaguebearer Fire shk cryo cor. Any luck with any of those?

dont have any sntl monarchs, ill check for soulrender, plaguebearer I’ve barely farmed

ugh. i just wanna get back to farming anarchy :weary:

don’t worry we’ll work something out. Got anything M10 50/150?

i got a fire sntl to cryo soul render.

i got a 50/150 hornet, hellshock, maggie, duc,cutsman (forget what ele), rad star helix, iceberger, x14 brainstormer, butcher,recursion (7k x2 damage),scourge,krakatoa

congrats on that powerhouse redistributor btw :wink:

OK send me the duc 50/150, the rad star helix and the butcher. Thats if the star helix and butcher are 50/150. That leave 2 more. Do you have any good grenades or seein dead coms or artifacts?

dont have seen dead yet unfortunately . i have a ton o nades/artifacts
are you looking for something specific?

Got any unique grenades or artifacts with AR/SMG/shotgun, mag size, cryo or rad damage?

Just sent you all the SH and a couple other goodies

only purple artifact i have is atom balm w rad damage.

gimme a sec…

i was about to list off but… dont have the patience lol

i got about 10 purp nades including maddening tracker. ill send them to ya as well