LF M10 Urad Redundant Reflux

Getting prepped for true guardian takedown, have various items to trade and what not. Been farming GenIVIV for 4 days so I do have a few other refluxes available for trade.

I have one of you want it. No trade needed. I quit playing this game a while ago but will boot it up to give items away.

Anything else you looking for? You can have anything in my bank if you like.

“Mourning6lory” on Shift and Epic.

That would be awesome! Thanks a ton, sent you a shift friend request name is Aheehomumbaway. I mean if there is anything you own that would complement a urad build I wouldnt say no lol, but that reflux is going to be huge for me. Maybe a Monarch if you have a good one, or a boom sickle?

Ill be home from work around 6ish EST today.

I have both x4 and x8 Monarchs with URAD. You can have both. I also have a URAD Boom Cycle too. Dont worry. I got you covered …

@samuelmartin1180 Just sent you a URAD treasure chest of goodies. Please let me know if you received them. Enjoy!

YOU DA MAAAAAAAN!!! My lord the amount of time to farm all of this stuff, I tried Boom sickle farming today for the first time too, that was a horrible experience lol. Seriously though, you freaking rock, if you ever want any of this back dont hesitate to HMU.

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