LF M10 Weapon Scraps

Been grinding but no luck, basically looking for your guys’ scraps! :joy:
I’m hoping for an M10 OPQ/x2 Yellowcake and Kaosin if possible. Zane no shield build, so prefer damage reduction/heaing aura for OPQ or 300/90 for yellowcake but anything helps if you dont need it haha.
Dont have much but totally willing to give anything I have that helps!
GT: BrandonTaco

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I’ll help you bro with the opq and cake. Is there any shields or artifacts you need aswell?

Thank you so much! I do need a last stand otto idol, but i know thats 1/100000 chance lol. As far as shields ive been farming out Band of Sitorak but mines pretty good (22% gun damage, 35% HP, and 10% movement speed. My builds a speedy healy Zane lol if you have any suggestions thatd help too!
If i have something you need im happy to send it as well

No worries at all. I might have a last stand otto idol. Shields with while sntl active probably best way to go. I’ll send over some stuff now. Also seenin dead is zanes best class mod by a mile if you gave dlc 1

Also probably get more dps if you use a deathless artifact and the under 50 health 150 radiation weapons

Nah no DLC’s. I keep my shield drained and health full typically. Current shield just has 50% ASE. Gotta keep my Last Stand relic forsure its just impossible to get a Otto version haha. I really appreciate your help!

Damn ok. I sent you a few dlc things like the sheild and the pearl I sent, they’re best for dps by a mile and from dlc 2. I have every other otto idol apart from the one your looking for,ill keep a eye out though.

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I appreciate everything you sent over! M10 just got 10x easier lol

No worries buddy at all. If there’s anything else you need let me know anytime :slight_smile:

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Dont need to send anything btw unless you have a x25 stagecoach