LF M10 Yellowcake X2 200% w/damage

got lots of M10 stuff to trade.

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got any sntl 100 or 50/150 soulrenders or backburners

can’t belive my luck second i post this get both yellow cake & OPM x 2 200% weapon damage to drop in 1 run. sorry not got any of those.

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well I guess you dont need to trade then. Usually you find the stuff after you have already traded with someone, lol

ya totally nuts been grinding it out past few days was about to give up all hope and get the double double lol

purserverance pays off, lol

@mike3980 I have 2 of those with 200% asa if that helps you in any way.

thanks but they both dropped together the next kill i did, was crazy lucky.

Okay well good luck.