LF M6+ recursion x2 with ase element or ase 100 dmg

Any element will work but hunting radiation. Willing to trade. GT, yipikiya

I have an M10 Recursion with ASE elemental damage.

Whatcha hunting for it.

Decent sntl cryo stuff. Or even Consecutive Hits. Plaguebearers, sandhawks, the m6+ drops.

Any particular plague your looking for?

I have a cryo corrosive one with 130 radiation on ASE. It’s mayhem 10

I’ll take it to but what you hunting for it?

Any element really, sntl cryo or Consecutive Hits

MH10 only
Consecutive Hit shock Monarch
Reflux with ASE shock
Anarchy with ASE

Also check out my other post I’m trying to make a build for him.

Ok I’ll check. If I don’t I know I have a backburner with consecutive anoint.

What build are you using for fl4k?

I have a stackbot your looking for. Don’t have any others with those anoints.

Sorry I don’t have any of those but I do have cryo stuff but would need specifics.

Sandhawks, opq, monarchs with sntl cryo.

If you have the stackbot with weapon damage. I’ll do that.

Sounds good. I won’t be home till tomorrow afternoon if that’s fine. But it’s yours for sure.

Cool ill check and get back with you tomorrow.

What’s your gt?

I have an m6 rad kaoson with sntnl anoint, an m6 opq with consecutive anoint, or an m10 rad sandhawk with fire rate increase and reload speed and with sntnl anoint. Willing to give 2 for 1.

I’d do just the sandhawk with sntl cryo.