LF Mag size and reload speed/fire rate pearl

Looking for Pearl with With mag size and reload speed/fire rate augments

Do you have one of below Dictators?

  • corrosive x6 with sntnl cryo (preferable) or barrier critical
  • shock x6 with barrier critical

I don’t, sorry.

What anointed items do you have from new dlc?

Are you after certain character anoints or any certain weapons?

nothing in particular, just want to try out new equipement. I have all 4 vh at lv 57 so any decent anoint minus the completely useless ones

Got a consecutive hit SF force, 250% weapon damage Clairvoyance on phasecast, got a 125% splash damage Nothingness after action skill, Consecutive hit Clairvoyance

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I’ll trade for the consecutive hits sf force, psn RHAAAALoovely

Sent you a request, iZinogre