LF Maggie 50% cryo while sntl, got stuff to trade

Looking for a Maggie with 50% cryo while sntl is aktive.
Brainstormer with 50% cryo while Sntnl
And a good Ice Breaker artifact

Got a lot to trade like 100% ASE guns, 50% ASE Schields, 50% ASE Granade Mods and great coms for Zane Flak and Amara.
just let me know what your looking for.

Got both. Hit me up on psn: LHBUCH

Thanks mate !
I will add you
It’s DrChiquita on PSN

i got other sntnl gear as well, you got any god roll seein dead coms? or a x2 crader’s with sntnl?

I have a seeing dead with 4 points in Donny brook 25% weapon and 10% Jacobs damage
Don’t remember the third stat

Could you check?

When I’m back home sure