LF Maggie and Night Hawkin with ASE Rakk Attack and Roid Ward - Have - Spiritual Drivers, much more!

LF Rakk Attack anointed weapons, shields, anything. Have tons to trade.

Any annointed x3 kybs worth, corrosive cutsman with 100% ase/ 125% to baddasses or carders emp5. I have the Maggie, night hawkin and brainstormer all 100% on rakk attack

May have cutsman let me look.

I do not have those. Anything else?

Any annointed its piss grenades or stop gap shields with elemental damage on ase

Or a Maggie with accuracy and Crit while barrier or sntl is active

I don’t think so, I haven’t been playing during the Halloween event and just came back to it. Damn I need those weapons though can you join me GT DLKnives