LF: Maggie/Flakker/Bekah

As it says want em in 100 ase, 100 rakk, or gamma burst,flakker pref with 125 splash on ase. I got the new sniper and smg in sntnl / gamma / wep dmg / digi / 120 iron bear fire dmg/ life steal. Smg i got with splash aswell. I have a 300 slam maggie aswell.

I the Maggie in Ase 100 trade for that sntnl headsplosion

Thats a deal :slight_smile: you dont have a sntnl maggie by any chance? Forgot to add i wanted sntnl on those items aswell

i have 100 ase bekah but its level 50

Have it too

i got a bekah 100 ase lvl 53, but darkarrow you need anything else from what i posted and ill send you if i still have you on psn

I like that Rakk wedding

im home now. so headsplosion and rakk wedding?