LF Maggie STNL Cryo - Lots of Brainstormers and Transformers to trade

Like in the description I am mainly looking for an Redistributor or a Recuuring Hex with OGT damage otherwise I am happy with my gear.

Just got the Maggie…thanks to a very nice member.

Stuff to trade:

  • Transformer: Zane/ barrier recharge (have three of it, if someone wants one just DM me, no trade needed)
  • TRansformer/ ASE 5% health regen
  • TRansformer/ Digiclone 3% helath
  • Cutsman corrosive/ Zane / digoclone swap + 130% damage
  • Brainstormer/ Barrier active +50% statuseffect
  • Brainstormer/ after Phaseslam +300% damage
  • Brainstormer/ while terriefies ammo regen
  • One Pump chump/ ASE + 50% Cryo
  • Vicious Lyuda/ ASE 75% Rad damage
  • Tango Foxtrot/ Phaseslam +200% melee
  • Rough Rider/ STNL +15% movement speed
  • Rough Rider/ digiclone 3% health
  • Lucian Call corrosive/ annointed
  • LIcian Call/ Digicole reload (cryo)
  • Lucian Call/ (corro) free give away
  • Engulfing Ogre/ Ironbear 3 magazines 33%
  • Engulfing Ogre/ Digiclone +130%
  • Dictator / enemies with less than 25% (cryo)
  • Night Hawkin/ ASE Bonus Cryo
  • Night Hawkin/ Barrier + 70% critical hit
  • Night Hawkin/ Barrier Staus +50%
  • NIght Hawkin/ ASE +125% Badass
  • Hostile Crossroad/ Barrier +70& critical hit (fire)
  • Undermining Crossroad/ Barrier + 70% critical hit (rad)

Off course there is more, so just ask what you could need for the maggie.


Is the one pump chump next 2 mags or sntnl? I’m really looking for sntnl

No sorry, it is next two mags additional cryo damage.

Do you have any sntnl weapons for trade?

  • Packin Devastator/ STNL Cryo +100%
  • Underminig Bitch/ STNL +9% Firerate and redload +23%
  • Companion/ +9% Firerate and redload +23%
  • High Capacity warlord/ STNL +100% Cryo
  • Pestilent Dictator/ STNL +9% Firerate and redload +23%

psn Ice-T411

send me a friend request

thanks…so what do you want?