LF Maggie with 50% sntl Bonus and other Zane Stuff

Sup guys
Looking for some Zane stuff
And got a lot to trade

Looking for Redistributor with 50% Cryo while Sentinel is aktive

A Maggie with 50% Cryo While Sentinel

a Banjo Artifact with good Stats

A good Seeing Dead Mod

And Corrosive/Schock Cutsman with 50% cryo while sentinel

I have those but I’m looking for an anointed Rico shield

Hey @dvnwtters,

I’m interested in the Maggie with Cryo whilst SNTL, can trade an anointed
Contraband Rico for Siren with 30% damage return on ASE?

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Are you on Xbox ? My gt is AZZBlood4Fun let’s make a deal

Errr…this is a PS4 trading post dude

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