LF: Maggie with FL4K Anointment/ASE 100%

Hi all,

I have been playing about a week now and am slowly farming up the pieces I need for my build. I enjoy doing the farming myself, but I am a bit time restricted on how long I can spend playing… therein lies my problem. I have a hard time farming the cistern efficiently, it’s a slog for me (no grenade/shield anoints yet). Even wiping on the last wave it’s not enjoyable. I am loving farming the sky bullies and killavolt, no luck yet with the elemental anoints but like I said I’m enjoying those. Just can’t keep forcing myself to keep going on Maggie.

I would prefer the 100% on ASE, but even a rakk attack anoint would be good to start.

I will update with a list of items that might be interesting to people, only have a few with decent/any anoints though. I do have a few class mods for Zane, Moze, and Amara. Here are a few of the items I know I have:
-reg damage Lyuda with +dmg after 25% health
-lazer sploder with 250% after phaseslam

Like I said I’ll update later. Let me know!


I am super interested in the 100% on ASE!! I hope I have something that you need… anything specific I can look in bank for?

Epic ID: Bra2ha_

Man… I know I don’t have any of those… I wouldn’t have even known to pick one up if I saw it before. Total noob. Is there anything else?

It’s not a problem
See u in Epic

What does “see you in Epic” mean? Sorry new to this forum

U need to send me a friend request in Epic (application), my Epic ID: Bra2ha_

Bra2ha_ thank you for helping out and taking time to explain things! You are an MVP for sure, cheers