LF Maggie with Rakk 100%

Also looking for Snowdrift Otto Idle with movement speed and good stats, Gamma Burst anointed Redistributor.

I have a lot of things I can trade for them. Please let me know what you need.

I have one accept my request, feel like I said I’d give you one before and forgot

I’m not sure if it is you, but accepted.
Anything you are looking for in return?

You got a gamma burst craps or any gamma weapons?

I have a lot of Gamma Burst weapons, but not Craps.

I can send you a list of Gamma weapons I have when I get home tonight in about 8 hours.

Kk. Also looking for a unicorn. 25x pellet stagecoach with gamma anoint

Linoge (463x4, Incendiary)
Devil’s Foursome (NE)
The Duc
The Flood

Night Hawkin
Crossroad (Radiation, Cryo)

Butcher (Radiation)
Scattergun (427x12)
DP Bologna Poney (Shock, 275x10)
Recursion (Corrosive/Radiation)
Host (Incendiary)

Annexed Ion Cannon (Corrosive)
Nuclear Jericho

Annexed Lyuda (NE)

All good man I got those. Your maggie is waiting in the mail for you. Its a 501x6 anyways so not a perfect god roll. All yours man. Let me know if you need any other rakk weapons cuz i barely use that build. All about gamma and fadeaway

Are all those weapons you mentioned Gamma Burst anointed?

I’ve been trying to nab a Kill o Wisp in that anointment for ages and I’d be happy to trade you something for it.

If I ever come across the Gamma Stagecoach, I’ll send it over.

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Yes, they are all Gamma weapons. I’ll send you the Kill-I’-the-Wisp. Add me.

Epic: Arthicrex

Ah you are awesome man, I’ll send a friend request when I get home!